Chutney, Relish and Sauce

Our Range of Chutney, Relish and Sauces at Willow Vale Gourmet Food Co.


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Beetroot Relish


Ribbons of freshly julienned beetroot simmered  to a gentle crunch and bursting with zingy beetroot flavour. This amazing relish will lift any meal, but it’s definitely a case of love at first sight for beef, hamburger and salad. Strip it ba...


Caramelised Spanish Onion


Wafer thin rings of Spanish onion cooked at just the right relaxed pace to absorb an insane amount of flavour while being so tender they simply melt in your mouth. It’s a rockstar over steak or chicken, and even makes an amazing gourmet pizza to...


Chunky Tomato Salsa


Nicely chunky and a little crunchy, this delicious capsicum laced tomato salsa will add a savoury summer zing to your barbeque things! The crisp, light flavours are amazing over barbequed fish or grilled chicken fillets. Or maybe go retro and s...


Hot Tomato Chilli Chutney


It may be sweet but it brings the heat, so put the woo back in your woohoo with our hot tomato chilli chutney! A delicate combination of beautiful flavours balanced with intense heat, you’ll be smacking your lips as it lingers around long after the...


Mango Chutney


Packed full of hand-picked mangoes from our local orchard, this silky mango chutney has layer after layer of flavours to tantalise your tastebuds. A true all-rounder, it goes awesomely with beef and chicken. Take it downtown with a slice of che...


Pear Saffron Chutney


As sophisticated as it sounds, pears and saffron are just the beginning! With an amazing variety of flavours and spices wrapped up in every delicious mouthful. Scrumptious with pork or chicken, it will also turn your dinner left overs into a deli ...


Tomato Chilli Chutney


A little bit chunky and subtly spicy, our tomato chilli chutney will tingle your tastebuds with just the right amount of bite. Lay some of this mild chilli lovin’ on steak, chicken and fish or even as a pizza base for a night to remember. For...


Tomato Sauce


Using only the freshest and ripest straight-from -the -farm tomatoes, our tomato sauce is super slow cooked to bring out every smidge of yummy tomatoey flavour! Pour this over everything and gobble down a little bit of nirvana with every mouthful, o...